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"You!" Yang Shan has been furious. Since she became sensible, except for being incognito by her father when she went to an ordinary school, she was coldly scolded by the psychopath squad leader for being so big that outsiders who saw her were respectful. Now she knows that those who bowed and kowtowed to her really have another side.

Miss Uniform Xin tasted otherwise. If Yang Ye hadn’t taken her out today, I’m afraid she wouldn’t have imagined that people who have no money have to suffer this kind of anger when they buy clothes!
Yang night while watching along while didn’t come to talk is to let even xin and sister Yang Shan feel this kind of world apart. Don’t see even xin and Yang Shan have been a little overwhelmed. He hurried over and said with a smile on his face, "Oh, oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. We are just looking around …"
"Who are you calling big sister?" Miss B is unhappy. "Can you speak?"
Yang night know this young lady is too old to continue to change with a smile "I’m sorry I’m sorry! I called the wrong two little sisters. I am … "
"Who is your sister?" Miss Jia didn’t like it again. She frowned and looked at Yang night with contempt. She hated Yang night and took a step back.
Yang Ye didn’t get angry, but his heart was full of the pleasure that the evil drama was about to succeed. He said to himself that the dog sees the man and the low guy will teach you a good lesson today! But my face is still humble and smiling. "Not me … I brought my wife and little sister to look at the clothes. My little sister is getting married and thinking about buying a better dress … Ask one or two girls here which is the cheapest dress?"
This remark made Miss A and Miss B even more contemptuous of the three men in front of her. She was about to open her mouth and teach a few more words. Suddenly, a boutique came in. From a distance, a middle-aged woman was wearing a mink scarf that looked like imitation. It was normal to wear a leather skirt, but her legs were actually riding a pair of long boots. She was not afraid of getting sick in such hot weather, as if she was afraid that others would not know that she had some money.
Middle-aged women’s facial makeup is uglier than even Xin and Yang Shan’s deliberate makeup. They walked into the boutique and saw Yang Ye, even Xin and Yang Shan in old-fashioned clothes, frowned and fanned their noses like smelling something strange.
Miss A and Miss B saw a beautiful-looking guest and ignored Yang Ye. The horse here was greeted with a big smile and bowed and said, "Hello! Miss, please take a look at our store. It’s an internationally renowned brand. It’s the most powerful garment company in Yang’s family name. We strive to build an internationally renowned brand … "
Miss Yang Ye was taken aback and turned to ask Yang Shan, "Is this brand our home?"
"Yes, I just wanted to tell you before I came in, but you didn’t let me! This metropolitan business center is our home! " Yang Shanxian hasn’t calmed down to smile and turned red with anger. "What a surprise! What a shame! This is too contemptuous! "
Yang Ye smiled and looked at Yang Shan and was equally angry. "Do you feel it now? How does it feel to be poor?" With a smile on her face, Yang Ye thinks that this is our home. Oh, I should have thought of that. Hehe, I’m really afraid that what’s not our home after that?
"Piss me off! It’s so uncultured! A young lady actually talks to a guest like this! " Even Xin is also angry, her lips are shaking and she is already panting.
"Guest? People don’t respect us at all. That’s it. "Yang Ye smiled and pointed to a middle-aged woman on the other side. Two young ladies whispered," These people all look at the appearance of the aunt in fake mink. They are rich in their eyes. We are nothing if we dress like this. "
"How can this happen!" Yang Shan looked down at his clothes and looked up at Yang night "I’m so angry! I cann’t believe I was bullied in my own card shop! I must clean up these two young ladies! "
"The crooked beam is crooked" Yang night smiled and touched Yang Shan’s head. "The owner and manager of this store must be so unscrupulous."
"Husband, how do you know this?" Even Xin smiled at Yang Ye even though she was angry. "Now I know what made you less grumpy. You must have suffered a lot when you ran away from home, didn’t you?"
Yang night also smiled at Uniform Xin and patted her face, thinking that I have suffered from this for many years. I didn’t dare to have any gentleman temper since I was a child, so I said to Uniform Xin, "Now you two believe me, right? Do you know what it’s like for the poor? "
Yang Shan and even Xin Ma nodded and glared at each other with a smiling face. Two young ladies, Yang Ye, wanted to gather together and whispered a few words in Yang Shan’s ear. Yang Shan nodded and turned to the two young ladies over there and shouted, "Alas! The two … "
"Big Sister" Yang wakes up at night.
"Those two big sisters!" Yang Shan shouted and couldn’t help laughing. "Which one of you will come here? I want to buy this dress!"
Miss A and B are accompanying the ladies in their eyes to choose clothes. Suddenly, I heard yelling over there to let them go. At that time, her face was ugly. Miss B turned around and took a few steps to rush to Yang Shan’s side and shouted, "What are you shouting?" What do you think this place is? Which clothes can you afford? Get out quickly! "
"Drive us away? Why? We are also here to buy clothes! " Yang Shan pretended to be angry, but she was not so excited. Miss Yang’s speech was almost the same as eldest brother Yang’s night prediction, which made Yang Shan feel quite funny. "What’s your attitude? I want to see your manager! Why look down on us! Too much! Call your manager! Call your manager, call your manager, call your manager … "Yang Shan gave up the identity of Miss Yang’s family and made a hullabaloo about like a bitch and was in high spirits.
Yang Shan shouted so that Miss A and Miss B were so angry that they were staring at each other and ready to coax these troublemakers out. Suddenly, a short middle-aged man with a fat brain came out with a cold face. The figure was wide enough to hold two fragrant flowers or Yang Shan, and his head was as greasy and shiny as three pounds of soybean oil.
"I’m the manager. What’s up?" Altitude and area are not proportional. The manager went to Yang night and looked at the three of them quickly, and then the tone became impatient.
"Let’s buy clothes! Miss ignored us and spoke ill of us! " Yang Shan pretended to be wronged and pointed to the two young ladies next to him in front of the manager
"You? Buy clothes? " Manager Ma broke out and looked at Miss A and Miss B and nodded, then turned to Yang night and several people laughed. "I’m sorry, please go out."
Salem finally quit the small gang fight to fight for the Wulin leader and secretly pleased …
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Chapter 31 "Take money to kill a stolen lady"
◎ Yang Ye, Yang Shan and Yun Xin enter the boutique.
Have a quarrel?
◎ The boutique manager appears
Let us out? When Yang Shan heard this, she almost didn’t have the spirit to scold her. The manager in this store will know something. I didn’t expect the manager to be such a dog-eyed man!
"What did you say? Why do you let us out? " Yang Shan cried.