He went to the cell door and looked at the cold chain lock, and his eyes fell on his lovesick face.

"Acacia will open this cell and go back with me. I want you to go back with me and promise to be my queen and let me go immediately!"
It’s just a matter of parting Feng Jiangyi from the prison. Whether Feng Jiangyi married someone else or promised to marry him and let Feng Jiangyi leave the prison, what about that?
It’s not that she can’t see his affection, but he doesn’t need it!
"The emperor or the phoenix crimson clothes to everlasting old bar because I don’t want to marry you! I’ve always made it clear that I don’t want to marry your emperor, so let it go. There are many emperors in the harem. If they spend all their thoughts on them, they will be very happy and can bring me less disaster. I don’t want to be so poisonous for no reason! Besides, I’m not rare for your queen, but many women in the harem must want this position. Why don’t you go to them? "
Reject him again and again. He just can’t see his refusal?
She wants a man to have her.
Although Feng Li Su gave her a promise to be a woman.
But he will still consolidate the imperial power and bring women into the harem. If there is a phoenix, Li and Su in that harem, it will always be there!
Feng Jiang-yi was slightly relieved when he heard the words of homesickness, and he was worried that he would compromise!
But at the moment, it seems that Chang Acacia really has no intention of marrying the emperor.
Feng Li Su was really angry with her. She took a deep breath and held her hand tightly in the wide sleeve.
"Do you know that I want you? I want to give you the status of queen, and everyone is eager for it, but you abandon it?"
"Every man to his own will pursue different things, and please ask the emperor to die for me!" I often miss you and it’s not worth your deep affection for me because you’re not the one I want to have. If Ren Huang doesn’t want to let go of Feng Jiang’s clothes, please leave here. Can you freeze your body here? "
Her eyes rested on Feng Lisu’s back, Feng Wu. "Feng Wu is not quick to take the emperor away. If something happens to the emperor, can you afford it?"
"Good a man to his own …"
Feng Li Su laughed deeply, and his eyes were full of anger and disappointment. After all he had done, he still couldn’t get her heart. What can he compare with Feng Li Su?
On the position of power, he is the emperor, and marrying him is the first in the harem!
On talent, he is too ignorant to admit that he will lose!
If there is one place that lost him, it is this face, but he is not ugly, but not as refined and elegant as the first male.
Apart from this, he really doesn’t know where he lost to Feng Jiang Yi. This woman would rather put Feng Jiang Yi here than be his queen! ——
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"Acacia here is cold to want you to come out with me to leave me. I don’t care about breaking into the prison. I put eleven in this because of eleven anti-purport. This is what he should bear the punishment! I know you’re worried that eleven will ask you to leave here. I’ll let people wait on him well. It’s cold here. Can I let people prepare quilts and stoves? Is it as hot as three meals a day? "
This is his biggest concession!
He gave in too much to this woman, changed too much, or didn’t get her heart?
When Feng Li Su said these words, he often missed knowing that he had achieved his goal naturally, and he would not push his luck again, otherwise he was afraid that it would backfire.
"Deal! I promise you to leave here! Feng "
I often smiled fondly and looked back at Feng Jiangyi. "I’ll see you when I find it!"
Then she threw her keys outside and knelt at the head of the dungeon. "Why don’t you open the prison door for me? Do you want the young lady to spend the night here?"
Laotou immediately picked up a bunch of keys that fell to the ground, opened the prison door, and then bowed his head and welcomed the imperial concubine to the side.
Feng Jiangyi went to Chang Xiangsi’s side and took her hand. "Go back to Xiangfu and have a good rest. Remember to drink more ginger soup and let Xuanwu show you. It’s best to see you grow some meat when I go out!"
At this time, although she is still so good-looking, she is thin and distressing, and it is better to hold her flesh for a long time.
Chang acacia gave him a deep look, turned and walked out, and left without looking back.
Feng Lisu glanced at the prison head when he saw this. "At this time today, all the dereliction of duty in the prison will be punished by 50 lashes each. If I do it again, I will kill your head!"
Say "Feng Li Su immediately went to chase the long-gone lovesick Feng Wu and others immediately locked the prison door with the jailer and led the jailer to be punished.
Feng Jiang’s clothes saw that the silence was restored here, and he sighed softly that Feng Li-su had a deep affection for Chang Ai-qing. He didn’t see anything, but he was also worried that Chang Ai-qing was moved by him. But at the moment, it seems that Chang Ai-qing’s heart is still in him.
It’s probably not so easy to be lovesick and want to accept a man’s closeness to her again. Now, with his pink clothes, she can be close to her and she can do such intimate things.
But the thought that if one day’s lovesickness tries to be with another man in the future, he will be jealous and want to go crazy. Even Feng Lisu can’t take away her body and mind!
When the antidote is found and his poison is solved, then he will marry her as his wife. No other man can peep!
I feel a little better when I think of Feng Jiang’s clothes here. It’s really impossible to prevent so many men who love me often!
If Bei Xuanyu and Xiao Mufeng Qinglan are not afraid, Feng Lisu is not underestimated.
Feng Li Su is rarely tempted by a woman, and he has always been indifferent and ruthless, but he has repeatedly endured from the status of imperial concubine to the status of queen.
Today, he even wants to make Chang Acacia. He believes that if Chang Acacia promises today, Feng Lisu will do it immediately.
Back to Shi Chuang Feng Jiang garment with a sigh.
It’s a long, gloomy road. Candles hanging on the wall give off a cold breath, mixed with damp and moldy smell, which makes this passage smell very strange.