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Zhang Ting, uh-huh. I just said that myself. It’s just to coax this, that’s just Britain and the United States

The British and American see Zhang Ting don’t talk in the mind more worried.
"You have to help me with this small court thing. I can’t let all my previous efforts go to waste." The British and American clung to Zhang Ting’s hand and begged.
"I’ll try my best," Zhang Ting promised with a numb scalp.
That night
Tung RH was clamoring to change places with Titiao at dinner.
If you don’t let him change, the little guy will lose his temper and refuse to eat.
In order to let the little guy eat well and jump again, he is also a good brother who loves his brother. This change of position will soon be changed.
The British and American looked at the Far East from their own good face with a wry smile.
It seems that Tung RH really doesn’t want to talk to her.
Sitting in the main seat, Uzzi always feels that this picture in front of him is a bit strange to watch.
It seems that after dinner, he will ask the British and American when he finds a time.
Chapter 9 There is a mother!
Tung RH was cold and indifferent to Britain and America for the next few days.
On how Britain and the United States have tried their best, Tung RH is always ignoring her.
It seems that it’s been a few days, and Tung Er still refuses to pay attention to his British and American urgent hair, which is about to lose thousands of pieces.
"I really can’t do anything about the small court. Please help me. Help me say something nice in front of Tung RH. Tung RH likes you so much, and he will listen to whatever you say." That Britain and the United States really can’t do anything, so they can find Zhang Ting again.
Zhang Ting saw that people who were in a hurry were losing weight. Then Britain and the United States patted her on the shoulder. "Don’t worry about giving Tung Er something first, he will cross it."
Zhang Ting talked to Tung-erh when she went to bed late.
Since the incident with the British and American, the little guy has to sleep with her as his mother.
Quiet, jumping at night, and Beier has fallen asleep by himself.
At this time, Tung Er still snuggled up in Zhang Ting’s arms and didn’t fall asleep.
"Mother Tung, can I talk to you?" Zhang Ting patted the little guy on the back.
In a short time, Zhang Ting responded "good" to Tung Er in his arms.
After a pause, Zhang Ting passed through the slow mouth. "Is Tung Er angry with Aunt Na Ying?"
When Zhang Ting finished this sentence, Zhang Tingxian felt that Tung RH seemed to be stiff for a moment.
"Tung RH doesn’t want her." After a while, Tung RH came into Zhang Ting’s arms.
Zhang Ting listened to the funny voice of the little guy losing his temper and asked, "What doesn’t her Dong Er hate her?"
After a while, I came to Tung Er again and answered "I don’t hate it"
"What did Tung Er tell Mother? Tung Er doesn’t want to talk to your aunt Na Ying now. Your aunt Na Ying has given you a lot of things you like these days, and you don’t want others. Do you know that your aunt Na Ying will be very sad?"
"Tung RH don’t" Tung RH irate voice floated into Zhang Ting’s ear again.
Say that finish small body still twisted several times in Zhang Ting’s arms.
Zhang Ting hurriedly hugged this little guy, which didn’t let this little guy roll to the bed.
"Good Donger doesn’t want her. Can Donger tell your mother why you are angry with Aunt Na Ying?"
This time, the little guy stopped for a long time without saying anything.
Just when Zhang Ting was asleep, a muffled sound sounded from her arms.