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"I can’t just play with this robot, can I?" Ye Feng, who is angry with Lin Yanheng, is too lazy to explain Lin Yanheng’s level. Perhaps he has never seen this hero-proud hunter-Rengar.

Rengar, commonly known as the lion dog, was Feng’s favorite hero in qualifying-of course, he came to fight wild at that time.
But now the opponent is Rolling, a group of opponents to assist, and there is not much problem.
If he’s really robot-assisted, I’m afraid it’s also a double kill to pull people up with Lin Yanheng’s level of Erdao.
"Since Ye Feng can’t be a robot, let’s play with this. I heard my cousin say that it is best to play with heroes." Seeing Lin Yanhong’s dissatisfaction, Liu Hao hurriedly urged.
"Well, then, if you can resist my diamond level in front and take you to win, there should be no big problem." I didn’t wait until my favorite auxiliary steam robot, Lin Yanheng, was dissatisfied with Ye Feng’s behavior of buying people indiscriminately, but Ye Feng said that he wouldn’t, and he couldn’t help it.
Lin Yanheng "told" night maple perfunctory well what equipment he naturally know.
"I have already opened the room, the name is 13456, and the password is 65431." Seeing that Lin Yanheng and Ye Feng had an argument, Rolling sneered in his heart. This idiot wouldn’t deserve his shoes if he didn’t have some money at home.
Night maple found the room and entered the password soon. Rolling and all four of them were already waiting for them in the room.
Soon after confirming that there was no problem with the machine, everyone began the selection stage!
Except for Ye Feng, who didn’t choose Rengal as the assistant according to the regulations, Lin Yanheng chose the characters according to the prior consultation.
Wang Jiahui chose Demaxiali-Liu Haoxuan in Galen was a brilliant girl-Lax and Lin Yanheng was a policewoman in Picheng-Caitlin chose all three people as novices and heroes who often appear in the so-called low-end bureau plus night maple hunters-Rengar assisted to form the single-single-single-single-road double group, and the lack was to play the wild position.
Make sure you start reading the progress bar of the game 3 seconds after choosing the hero.
The hero chosen by Rolling side also began to be exposed in their eyes. The general manager of Shan Debang-Zhao Xin’s imaginary predator-Kazik’s auxiliary steam robot-brits ADC’s long-distance physical output) snow pea-Ai Xi!
Among them, the most surprising thing for Yefeng is Dankazke across the street.
First of all, in the low stage, there are very few Kazaks, because this hero is not very difficult to operate, but he has high requirements for grasping the opportunity to enter the team during the wartime, and he is almost a’ waste’ in the eyes of low-stage players because of his short hands and little blood.
But now the other side has made Kazik, and it is still a single hit. It is conceivable that this person is the most dependent person in Rolling, and his strength must far exceed that of Lin Yanheng, a rookie.
"Wow, Kazik is wonderful against the lion and dog. This game is absolutely beautiful. It would be wonderful if it could trigger the eggs!" Wait until the characters on both sides appear behind the screen at the same time, and some people in the audience begin to be surprised.
"Eggs? What eggs? " Asked a man who seemed to be his companion.
"Hey, hey, this is the hottest one in the League of Legends, and few people know about it." His companions showed off before continuing. "In the League of Legends, if Kazik and the lion dog are hostile, there are eggs. When Kazik reaches level 16, it will automatically trigger hunting. If Kazik can kill the lion dog, it will show completion, while Kazik can evolve three skills in QWER, but after completion, he can evolve the fourth skill!"
"By so diao? What if the lion dog killed Kazik? " Before the man could finish, someone asked
"If the lion and dog kill Kazik, then his bone-tooth necklace will evolve into Kazik’s head, and all the attributes will grow to the top!" The speaker’s eyes are shining, as if he had finished it himself.
"I don’t know which side can finish the game and the game has started."
"Welcome to League of Legends"
Night maple looked at the game screen, summoner canyon, and there was a little inexplicable fluctuation in her heart. She was still playing this game yesterday, but it seemed like a century had passed.
When! It really is the most amazing thing in the world.
Aside from other thoughts, Ye Feng began to buy clothes.
Play before he entered the game, he had already thought about it. Naturally, it was not Lin Yanheng who told the tank to be loaded, but the output spike was loaded.
His talent is 1-9-runes, and he is also the main attacker.
The lion dog is a polar hero, and its skills include deceleration, AOE and explosion. Combined with the hunting rhythm of the god-class passive predation R skill, it is a disaster for the enemy’s rear row if it can get the head in the later stage.
Yefeng chose the lion dog and naturally could not take the tank route!
"The enemy has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield and crush them!"
A minute later, there was a cold brain sound in the earphone, and then three runes around the crystal began to send soldiers to the three roads respectively
Ye Feng and Lin Yanhong are in the blue side and Rolling is in the purple side. Since Ye Feng didn’t fight wild, he naturally didn’t need help to fight wild. He controlled the lion and dog in the road and the stone man grass.
"Batman is coming. Night Maple, what are you doing? Come to the line quickly." Lin Yanheng looked at Night Maple motionless in the grass and he got lost. He couldn’t help but breathe.
Ye Feng nodded at random at Lin Yanheng’s urging. He knew that it was no good to explain to this Erdao without saying anything.
In fact, of course, he won’t really get lost. How can a diamond player get lost?
He plays with a lion and a dog, but it’s not Dolan sword plus a bottle of blood, but more violent sword plus three bottles of blood. The summoner’s skill is lit and flashed. The skill is the lasso strike of E skill!
In the grass, he waited for the stone man to refresh and throw out his first E skill.
Everyone who has played with lions and dogs knows that passive predation by lions and dogs actually has two effects, except that it can jump for a long distance in the grass. Another effect is that every time a skill hits the enemy, it will increase a little cruelty value, and when the cruelty value accumulates five, a skill will be strengthened. This strengthening effect can be said to be earth-shaking.
The e-skill lasso hit the five-star cruelty effect, which changed from slowing down to binding the target for 175 seconds! Every dog who can play with wild lions will save five stars before arresting people. This way, with E skills, once he hits an enemy hero, he will form a perfect control!
Night maple this exercise is a simple detail and no one can see anything.
There was a girl in the crowd who frowned slightly after Ye Feng threw the E skill, only to see Ye Feng’s head blocked by black hair.
"Ye Feng, why do you only pay attention to walking now? Don’t be hooked by robots." Tallinn Yanheng saw Ye Feng coming late and hurriedly ordered, and then manipulated the policewoman to twist her sexy legs and follow the soldiers with broken steps.