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Put the moon on the bed. I lie beside the moon and gently hold it in my arms. "You have been away for two years! What? You won’t give me any news? I wonder if you have forgotten me! "

"Are you very tired? Have you been sleeping? No! I will sleep with you! But make chocolate balls for me when I’m full ~ ~ "
"Don’t sleep, ok? It’s already late! Aren’t you hungry? Get up quickly! "
"You don’t ignore me! Please! Open your eyes and see if I’m okay. Please! I’ll be very good, so don’t leave me alone, okay? Month-"
I was stunned by my father. When I woke up, Moon had been buried. I stayed in front of Moon’s grave all day before leaving.
I have been living like a killing machine for two years since the death of last month. I have no expression and no feelings until I was twelve years old. I left home to take the hunter exam and met that man named Jie ap. #86; Fulishi boy
"What will Qiqi come to take the exam?" In the underground tunnel, Xiaojie asked strangely
"Fun!" I smiled and said that the hunter exam was the most fun when I was twelve years old because of the month!
I finally passed the first exam and the second exam turned out to be cooking!
"I finally know why I want to learn to make sushi!" I scratched my head and said cheerfully
"alas? Can Qiqi make sushi? " The little hero stare big eyes to ask
"Yes! Let me learn! My sushi is very good ~ ~ "I said proudly.
The second exam was tortuous.
flying boat
"Who is a strange month in your mouth? Every time I remember her, I will show a very happy smile! " Xiaojie asked me curiously
I just laughed.
I met someone who came to assassinate me in flying boat.
"Four years ago?" I bowed my head and thought, "I remember!"
"You finally remember?" The assassin looked at me with resentment.
I laughed. "So you were the one who said that there were a lot of treasures and escaped from home! If the moon were here, it would be very angry! After all, there are still people alive in her hands! "
"You devil!" The assassin screamed at me.
I evoked a sneer and was about to start work when I was interrupted by the president of the Hunter Association.
I played a game of grabbing the ball with Xiaojie, but in a flash I remembered grabbing the ball with Moon when I was a child, and my eyes darkened, ignoring Xiaojie’s retention and leaving straight away.
"Wonder, can I know who it was that month?" Kulapika asked gently.
I blinked "month is my sister! What happened to my twin sister? "
"So what kind of person is she?" Kulapika asked with a sigh
I tilted my head and looked at the moon outside the window. "If Xiaojie is the sun, then the moon is the moon! Radiate a faint moon that makes people feel warm but not dazzling! "
Cool Lapika was stunned by me. "So where is she? What didn’t accompany you? "
"Where is she? She is dead! " I said a little bitterly, "She died two years ago! I was killed by my grandfather! "
Say that finish, I don’t care about the expression of Kulapika and turn away.
Finally, I got the hunter’s license. Although I was shocked by the appearance of Big Brother at the end, I knew that Big Brother was dead! Because eldest brother and I also forget the moon!
I still went home because I remember last month that I was twelve years old and I would leave home to travel around after the hunter exam. I need someone to help me. I think I probably know who helped me!
I left home with Xiaojie. I first took Xiaojie to Tianjing City, where I learned a special power-mindfulness. Then I followed Xiaojie to his house.
A month later, the two of us came to Youkejin and started Xiaojie’s journey to find his father.
In order to make money and buy games that may find Xiaojie’s father, we decided to catch Phantom Troupe members, but we didn’t want to be caught by Phantom Troupe people.
"Wait a minute!" Some men with blond hair are especially like foxes, calling on men in cloaks who want to hurt Jacko.
"What’s the matter?" The man asked coldly
"That kid seems to be an enemy’s family!" The fox-like man pointed at me and said
The man in the cloak let go of Xiaojie and came up to me coldly and asked, "Are you a miracle ap?": #86; Is it an enemy? "
I contracted my pupil slightly. How can he know me?
"It seems right!" When a man takes a knife, he cuts it at me.
"What are you going to do?" Stop my momo and quickly let go of my hand. Poker is ready to go. "All right! Let’s have a good fight. Uh-huh … "
The man ignored momo commanding and looked at me sitting on the ground. "I am Phantom Troupe No.2 Feitan, my sister Yue ap; #86; The enemy is my apprentice! At the same time, she died to save me! She asked me to help you when she was dying! "
Tears fell uncontrollably for months and months without forgetting me! Month I month! My month!
After that, many things happened. Feitan always took care of me, and sometimes he trained me. My strength rose rapidly.
Later, the Sumerian ant incident happened, and it came to an end in the battle of the ant king. Save me, regardless of my own life.
"Moon asked you to help me. You don’t have to do this!" I looked at the fall to the ground, and Feitan shouted angrily.