Dressed in a white leisure robe, he looks noble, and that innate arrogance is easily revealed.

Beautiful! Extraordinary beauty!
Su Lele ordered 32 praises and laughed. "My daughter, thank you for your help, or you will be in big trouble today."
Seeing that she is natural and graceful, she is not afraid of the cold light flashing in Feng Chunqiu’s eyes. "Girl Xiao Wang admires your courage, but if someone dies and the people break the law, I’m afraid the girl can’t escape the blame?"
"yes! Xie Yanwang repents! "
Su Lele regretted it and scolded Ningyichen for thousands of times in his heart.
If it weren’t for him, how could he be embarrassed today? I’ve learned a lesson in vain and I dare not speak out to refute this account and settle it with him!
When Feng Chunqiu saw that she knew her mistake, she was no longer aggressive, and her eyes flashed across everyone. "Let’s all go!"
He never looked at Su Lele again and turned to leave.
Not far away, two eyes are cold, and sen’s eyes are cold. Feng Chunqiu is far away and his lips are slightly hooked. "Good thing! Actually, I have calculated that I have come to the world! "
"Do you want to meet Shifei?"
"Highland barley, are you stupid? The prince can’t bear to break her identity, and we must be wicked again?"
I am your own daughter.
Su Lele’s return to the door is a great event for Su Fu.
But Su Lele ordered the gatekeeper to "call back if there is a surname Ningmen!"
The gatekeeper looked at each other, saying that his family had been wronged in Ning Wangfu, and when he came back to complain, he was passive and Nuo Nuo promised.
Only to find that the Prime Minister Su is returning from the outside, listening to the words and his face sank. "Lele, what are you playing?" It’s an honor for us to be here. How can we offend you? "
Su Lele stamped his feet and sighed, dad, dad, are you sure you are really my real dad?
Where can I turn my elbow outwards?
I’m your own daughter, and you’re so ugly.
Can Sue court today but don’t eat her this one denounced "call dad also not line! Go into the house and reflect on what you said today. Come out when the master arrives! "
"What’s wrong with me today? I … "
Su Lele suddenly shut up and remembered that her father knows astronomy and geography, and has a smarter brain and a pair of fox eyes that see everything. She often calls him’ the Millennium Demon’ in private.
Today’s street scene even has been known to him.
Su Lele smiled a few times and said, "I’m leaving lightly, just as I’m coming gently. I don’t take away a cloud with a wave of my sleeve … Dad, don’t be angry. Take care!"
In the crowd, she has slipped away with oil on her feet.
Hey, it’s more comfortable to go back to your own territory!
Su Lele looked at the golden light at the gate of the yard, holding up the three big characters and praising "small-gold-nest!" Beautiful! Domineering! "
Don’t say that dad’s technique is comparable to Wang Xi’s casually pulling a few times to get modern, which is worth a thousand dollars.
It’s a pity that she can’t learn, or she can cheat in the outside.
Ho ho!
Ziziphus jujuba accompanied Mrs. Su to come in.
Mrs. Su hugged the water in her eyes. "Lele, you have suffered!"
Su Lele sniffed Mrs. Su’s unique fragrance and naughtily rubbed and twisted her body. "Mom, since you are distressed by your daughter, please take me in. Don’t drive me back to Ning Wangfu!"
Mrs Sue sink a face a serious tunnel "nonsense! How can a married daughter go back to her mother’s house for a long time? Don’t be angry with him when the Lord comes in a moment. It’s the harmony between the two. "
Holy shit! Why have you always been obedient to her and stopped helping her?
Ning Yichen, Ning Yichen, what kind of cover-up did you use to command my parents remotely?
Su Lele cried a "mother!"