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Almost cheated by her, she married Feng Xianglian, the ordinary fat and vulgar powder of Feng family.

Fengyun smiled and didn’t talk with chopsticks. "Zhong Xiaocai, you’d better get out of here at once, or my uncle Chu will come back and you will be late if you want to leave!"
Where is Zhong Xiaocai obsessed with color? Who is Uncle Chu in Feng Dan’s mouth? While staring at Feng Yunqing, he shook Zhong Fugui’s hand. "Dad, I don’t care if you don’t break off my marriage, I will die for you!"
Zhong Fugui almost grieved this bastard, and he didn’t ask who was behind Fengyun light now, so he actually hit Fengyun intellectual man fit.
Fengyun stared at Zhong Xiaocai in disgust, and she knew that there were so many dude brothers like him in Ancheng, but it was the first time she saw him.
Looking up, I glanced at the tall figure Fengyun coming from behind the father and the son. "Zhong Xiaocai, I’m not going to marry you. My life is Xiao Linchu. I’m all from Xiao Linchu!"
"Who is Xiao Linchu? I killed him! " Zhong Xiaocai gnashed her teeth and stared at Feng Yun, who put aside her father’s warning just now.
PS update to the day began to two more every day Chapter 3 This man should be Huang San.
Chapter 3 This man should be Huang San.
"Who is Xiao Linchu? I killed him! " Zhong Xiaocai gnashed her teeth and stared at Feng Yun, who put aside her father’s warning just now.
Zhong Fugui tried to scratch his head before pulling Zhong Xiaocai’s clothes. Didn’t he just warn him? They’re here to apologize. Don’t make trouble.
That Xiao Linchu is a malicious character at first glance. What’s more important is that his surname is Xiao. Xiao is the imperial surname. Who knows which royal family he is?
Although this city is thousands of miles away from the capital, it is not unusual to have a Belle Bay occasionally.
What if this Xiao Linchu gets a pet in front of the emperor again? Isn’t his life lost by this smelly little guy?
Zhong Fugui hate iron not to produce pulling Zhong Xiaocai that face was white with anger.
There was a cool majestic sound behind him. Zhong Fugui was shocked and listened to the sound. "Xiao Linchu is here. Zhong Xiaocai, if you want to kill him, try it …"
Zhong Fugui turned around and saw a crimson purple clothes and a slim figure, Xiao Linchu.
His face was full of facial features, and with a noble spirit, Zhong Fugui couldn’t help but want to kneel down.
Zhong Xiaocai frowned and looked at Xiao Linchu "Xiao Linchu, right? I know the surname Xiao is awesome! But I’m telling you, I’m not an oil lamp saver. My seven grandmothers, nieces, three uncles and grandsons are also named Xiao and are infantas! "
Xiao Linchu picked his eyebrows. "Oh, that’s because the water rushed to the Dragon King Temple and hit the family!"
Zhong Xiaocai nodded. "That’s what I told you. I want Zhong Xiaocai to take a fancy to women in Ancheng. No one dares to rob me! Why don’t you give me Fengyun and I’ll give you Fengxianglian! "
Xiao Linchu forefinger bent and touched the nose "is it? I’m interested in your patron, the princess Xiao. Why don’t you tell me her name and I’ll consider whether to give Fengyun to you lightly! "
Zhong Xiaocai Xiao Linchu, the backer behind him, just wanted to speak when he was pulled by Zhong Fugui. He kicked him hard behind Zhong Xiaocai’s knee and panicked, "Hurry and bow down and see-"
Before his words were finished, he was stopped by Xiao Linchu with a cold look.
Swallow the words in your mouth Zhong Fugui has a feeling of the end of the world. This man should be Huang San, that is, Xiao Linchu, the king of Chu, who was just named by the emperor a few days ago.
He actually …
Kneeling on the ground and trembling, Zhong Xiaocai didn’t realize that he had made a catastrophe and stared at his father. "Dad, what are you kicking me for?" This person is a Baylor at best. Don’t look at me like that … "
Zhong Fugui was afraid that Zhong Xiaocai was more and more unreasonable and severely pinched him. "Adult, we are here to admit that it is my fault to teach the party. I will definitely interrupt his other leg when I get back." We must have a good meal in Chapter 3.
Chapter 3 Our family of three have a good meal.
Zhong Xiaocai didn’t jump up "dad-"
"Smelly little you hurry back to me and don’t make a fool of yourself here!" He grabbed Zhong Xiaocai’s ear and bowed and walked outside.
He could see that the low-key king of Chu was trying to hide his identity.
If that’s the case, he can’t let Zhong Xiaocai know Xiao Linchu’s identity at all, because if he knows, even the whole dude in Ancheng knows.
Zhong Fugui took Zhong Xiaocai’s ear and walked out. Feng Yun looked at Xiao Linchu puzzled. She walked around him several times. "Who are you, Zhong Fugui? Why are you so afraid of you?"
Xiao Linchu smiled indifferently. "Have you learned all the rules?"
Fengyun nodded lightly. "All learned!"
Xiao Linchu’s face softened a little and stroked Fengyun’s light hair. "So soon?"
Feng Yunqing nodded again, cleverly walked with graceful demeanour, sat gracefully, picked up chopsticks and put a honey ham to Xiao Linchu. "Honey ham, please, husband!"
Xiao Linchu was laughed out and sat next to her. "The rule is not to have this standard after pretending to be like a lady!"
Fengyun gave a wry smile to feed honey ham in his mouth with a face of displeasure.
If she has to act like this the day after tomorrow, she would rather be chased by wild dogs for 100 meters in the street every day.
Xiao Linchu saw that Feng Yunqing didn’t want to listen to his sermon. He looked back at Feng Danzi and said, "What do you want about the private school?"
Feng Dan nodded cleverly. "Uncle, I thought about it. I would like to go to a private school and get a student!"
Tongsheng is that the emperor personally chooses some intelligent children to accompany the emperor’s grandson. There are two kinds of Tongsheng. One is the minister’s child. This kind of child doesn’t need to be too clever, but he must be powerful at home. In this way, he gets along with the emperor’s grandson and has some feelings, but he grows up, but he is their right-hand man.
The other is the children of poor families, who are extremely strict in selection. First, they must be smart, and second, they must look beautiful and be able to enter the emperor’s eyes before they can leap into the Longmen.
Xiao Linchu nodded after listening, feeling that Feng Dan’s balls were much more advanced than his mother’s and patted the chair beside him. "Come to our family of three and have a good meal!"
Fengyun heard the words of a family of three, and suddenly one leng bit chopsticks and looked up at Xiao Linchu.
Xiao Linchu picked up chopsticks to give chicken eggs cloth. The face is the most common and gentle color. Put quail eggs in the chicken egg bowl. He whispered, "Eat more when you grow up!"
PS two more in chapter 4 I want to change a dignified death.
Chapter 4 I want to die with dignity.
Feng Dan nodded cleverly and his pink face hung with a cute smile. He looked at Xiao Linchu sweetly and said, "Thank you, uncle!"
Xiao Linchu didn’t talk, smiled and looked at Feng Dan’s balls, while Feng Yun was burying his head in a steak. He turned and stared at Feng Yun’s light way, "Since the rules have been learned, we will learn to read and break words, and I will find you a very good master!"
Fengyun spat out a mouthful of rice. She hates learning those elegant things.
In modern times, she always got the lowest grade every year. It was hard to get mixed up in a high school. She learned all the common Chinese characters and ABCD. God left her here again, and she had to play like this from the beginning. Isn’t it nice of her?
She bit her chopsticks and stared at Xiao Linchu. Xiao Linchu didn’t care about the resentment in her eyes. She smiled gently and gave her a quail egg. "Don’t try to eat more food!"
"I don’t eat!" Fengyun slapped chopsticks on the table, frowned and looked at Xiao Linchu fiercely. "What did you say?"
"I said I hate eggs, especially your eggs, which are so small. Why are you showing off here?" Fengyun roars lightly.