Into the main account, Comrade Li Er sat in the first place, and the rest of the people sat in turn. Comrade Li Er pointed to Kelly and said, "Today, I asked Aiqing to come together to let the Wangs come and solve things here. What are the requirements? Aiqing should be implemented immediately without delay."

Everyone called it mew mew.
Kelly got up and took out a pile of paper that he had written last night, and read it to everyone one by one. He listed in detail all the training methods and equipment that Kelly knew about this special scout.
Kelly handed a few sheets of white paper in his hand to Comrade Li Er after reading it and said, "This is a few special scouts’ special equipment that I drew, and I also asked the Equipment Department to develop a set of equipment for these scouts."
Comrade Li Er handed it to Chai Shao without looking at it and said, "Just get these equipment out when your equipment department pays close attention, and I won’t ask again."
Chai Shao took the drawings and carefully read them. After reading them, he said to Kelly, "I said, Wang Xian’s nephew, you can draw this thing and this training can come out. But what is this dagger and this compass? You have to discuss it with the three temples. We are not too white about this."
When they heard Chai Shao’s words, they all gathered around curiously and saw that one piece of paper was painted with a grotesque knife and a round box knife with a sharp blade on one side and a serrated back on the other. The round box has a lid. There is a sharp thing with two ends in the box.
Kelly said with a smile, "In fact, these two things are very simple. It’s a little too white if you change the name. This dagger is a short knife, but because of different ways, many ancillary functions have been added, which you don’t know very well." This compass is what Sina said on weekdays, but it is convenient to carry and changes its appearance. "
As soon as Wang Ke explained, all the people realized that it was very delicate to look at the drawings carefully, and they couldn’t help admiring them.
Kelly said to Chai Shao with a solemn face, "Please ask uncle to send someone to build the training ground and equipment first. My little nephew will cooperate with uncle Tang Jian in the special investigation team when uncle sends someone to install this section. Give them some basic things to be trained first, and then the horse can be trained with these people."
Chai Shao pointed to Cheng Zhijie and said, "My dear nephew, rest assured that the old man will let Cheng Lao stare at the fastest time here every day."
Cheng Laosha also patted his chest and shouted, "The Wangs’ small tube will definitely not keep you waiting!"
Wang Ke nodded and said, "Then please two uncles."
After that, he turned to Tang Jian and said, "Please ask my uncle to select a few officers in the team to train them first, and then they will train the whole brigade so that my nephew can get away and develop equipment and production with the Wu Wangdian."
Tang Jian nodded and wrote on the paper without speaking.
Kelly silently reminisced about his own arrangement and felt that there was nothing missing before he saluted Comrade Li Er. "This is roughly the arrangement of the emperor’s little ministers. Please ask the emperor to see where there is anything wrong."
Comrade Li Er looked around and didn’t see anyone’s opinion, so he said, "I don’t care what you do, you should be able to train this team into what you say, so I won’t have any opinion. What should you do? You can discuss for yourself what you want me to do after I have come here this once today, and then you can decide to meet me."
Comrade Li Er said when he got up, he walked out and said, "It’s up to you and me to go back to the palace first."
Everyone was busy bending down to see Comrade Li Er off from Kelly, but he quickly cried behind him, "How did you get there? You came in a small official car when you came, and now you can go back in a small official car."
Comrade Li Er didn’t react until he stopped a step and didn’t look back. He continued to go out and said, "Then you should send me back to the palace for a while and come back later."
They couldn’t help laughing and looked at Kelly with narrow eyes.
Kelly had a bitter face and went out behind Comrade Li Er.
Chapter DiYiErJiu Canal
After a hectic few days, Kelly taught some basic training subjects to Tang Jian, and selected officers for himself. In Kelly’s view, these things are enough for them to practice for a month first. Because there are many things, they can also teach them in this way. If they stay here until all the subjects are completed, they will not be able to do anything else.
Arrange the things of the special investigation team in Kelly and hurried to Li Ke’s place. Last night, Li Ke ran to his home and asked Kelly to take a trip to him today to see if they made daggers and compass samples. Kelly didn’t dare to delay. After all, the special investigation team had a formal training, these things were to be distributed to everyone.
Into the office where Li Ke is located in the gunpowder bureau (not called the weapons and equipment development bureau now), Kelly shouted at Li Ke, "I said get a glass of water in the temple quickly. Today, I didn’t have time to touch a drop of water, and my mouth was almost cracked."
Li Ke smiled and said, "Who told you to find yourself something to do all day?"
Kelly slumped in his chair and said angrily, "This is not working for your family. I really don’t care if you say so."
Li Ke handed the water to Kelly and said with a thief smile, "You don’t care if your father doesn’t peel your skin."
Kelly poured water into his mouth, wiped the spilled water with his hand and handed the teacup to Li Ke and said, "Have another drink."
When Li Ke took the teacup and turned to pour water, Kelly went on to say, "You don’t know that it’s difficult for me to ride a tiger now. I have a heart. No matter what, these things are all done by myself. I’m really sorry for the emperor’s letter to me; Take care of yourself. You’re too tired to be a thief all day. "
Li Ke handed the water to Kelly, sat opposite Kelly, looked at Kelly sympathetically and said, "Yes, I know you are tired, but isn’t there no one who can help you now? You can’t stop at these things until these things are done. We can’t help you. You can do it yourself. "
Kelly took the teacup and gave it a heavy place. He knew that Li Ke was telling the truth. He made this thing by himself. These people have never seen it, but they have never heard of it. It is impossible for them to help themselves. They can do it by themselves bit by bit.
Seeing that Kelly was silent, Li Ke asked, "Is there anything else to do after Brother came to my place today?"
Kelly looked at Li Ke and shook his head and replied, "Without today, my plan is to go home after the special investigation team and you are busy. I haven’t had a rest for so long, or let me mend it for a day. People are almost tired and falling apart. What’s the matter with the Wu Wangdian?"
Li Ke ha ha smiled. "If it’s nothing, I’ll go to your house with B-brother. It’s strange to think that I haven’t been to your house for a long time."
Kelly was speechless. He never thought that Li Ke asked himself something and nothing was the idea.
After a while, Wang Ke said grumpily, "You don’t know that our restaurant tastes the same."
Li Ke smiled cunningly. "That’s not the same as going to a restaurant to eat. Although it tastes the same, I have to give money. Besides, if I go to eat, I won’t have to occupy an elegant place and do less business. It’s too uneconomical."
Li Ke’s words made Kelly never turn back. It’s too fine for Li Ke to go here. It doesn’t hurt at all
Li Ke couldn’t help laughing when he saw that Wang Ke was so angry that he said, "B-brother is joking with you. Those women in my house have told me several times that they want to go to your house and see them. They haven’t seen my two sisters since you got married. They want to see them and talk to them."
Kelly was out of breath, but he still spoke angrily. "Just say it. Why do you say it so badly? It seems that you won’t be allowed to go to my house for dinner. Now go and see what you do. We’ll go back after reading it."
Li Ke hurriedly called someone to let him go back to the house and tell himself that the princesses let themselves go to Wang Ke’s house first, and then they and Kelly will go straight away without going back to the house to pick them up.
After treating people, Li Kecai took Kelly to a square and went to a big cabinet. Li Ke took a bunch of keys from the waist to play the cabinet, took out two things from the inside and handed them to Kelly.
Kelly first pulled out the dagger and saw that the dagger flashed with a deep blue light, and a ring pattern of Kelly white emerged from the blade part. This was made by the most advanced forging technology of this era, which is also known as the Damascus steel smelting technology in later generations.
Kelly dagger lightly crossed a corner of the big cabinet and saw a piece of sawdust and fell to the ground.
Kelly spat out his tongue and said, "It’s really sharp. It seems that there is no problem."
Li Ke pointed to the back of the knife and asked, "This way? Is it ok? "
Kelly remembered that the back of the knife had not been carefully looked at by himself. Put the dagger in front of him. Kelly carefully looked at the serrated back of the knife. He found that if it weren’t for Li Ke’s waking up, the shortcomings here would have been ignored by himself.
Kelly pointed to the sawtooth on the back of the knife and said to Li Ke, "Here, we have to modify a jagged edge and make it into a blade, so that it can be very convenient when making it."
Li Ke nodded and asked, "Is there anything else that needs to be changed?"
Kelly checked it carefully again and shook his head and said, "There is no problem if there is no need to change the sawtooth."
As he said, he put the dagger out and took out the compass. From the appearance, the workers who made the shell of red copper deliberately made the surface into a matte shape, so that they could feel a astringent feeling in their hands, so that they would not accidentally fall from their hands because the shell was too slippery.
Kelly was very optimistic about this idea and praised it. "This is good. It’s a good idea to make this unsmooth feel without worrying about falling from your hand."
Li Ke proudly said, "My craftsmen here are old masters. It is really good to come up with ideas many times. I am really satisfied with these craftsmen."
Kelly ignored Li Ke’s success in hitting the compass cover, and Kelly was shocked. It was also beautifully done. A thin needle was fixed in a small column, and two tips were painted with different colors to show the direction of the north and south. I don’t know what material the chassis is made of. The four characters in the southeast and northwest are gold-plated small seal characters, and the four characters are crossed and connected. The lines are embedded with silver wires.
Kelly wry smile way "I said report don’t do so exaggerated, even the gold and silver to do this equipment also can’t make me datang all poor!"
Li Ke smiled and said, "How can everyone do this? This is for my father and brother. There is no problem. I will send it to my father. My father specifically told me that this compass was made to give him one."
Kelly just breathed a sigh of relief. If they all do this, they should not do it early, or their grandchildren will have to find themselves again.
Kelly turned around and stared at the compass in his hand. Is this thing in his heart sensitive enough now?
After trying a few times, Kelly felt ok. Walking outside, Kelly tried several places, and it felt good. Wang Kecai handed the compass to Li Ke and said, "But there is no problem with this."
Li Ke looked at the compass in his hand and said to Kelly, "B-brother has an idea that I don’t know when to say it."
Kelly didn’t know what Li Ke remembered again. He remembered Li Ke once talking to himself in this tone and still wanted to talk to his former restaurant.
He recognized that Li Kezhun was up to something again and said warily, "What do you think? You say it and listen to it. Let me make it clear to you first. I have many things to do now. Don’t want to find something for me again! "
Li Ke saw that Kelly didn’t care about Kelly. He solemnly said, "B-brother, don’t think much. I’m talking about business now, but I’m not sure I want to discuss it with B-brother."
When Kelly heard that it was business, he got serious and asked, "What is it? You say it. "
Li Ke pointed to the guide in his hand and said to Kelly, "Brother, now our shell is made of pure copper. If we do this, there will be a great demand for copper. Now I don’t have enough Datang copper to go like this, but we have to find something else to replace it."
Kelly couldn’t help but look at Li Ke’s eyes. I didn’t expect this former notoriously idle report to consider this issue today.