"I didn’t expect you to even study this kind of thing. Aaron said that I thought your knowledge was unusual before." Xiao Gang also sighed.

"I don’t mean that I want to know about the reverse world, but I just want to know about Chelatina." Aaron also answered, and the dream came out at this time.
"A large group of Magnemite three-in-one magnetic monsters and a Magnezone are approaching, and it is obvious that the newcomers are not good. Pay attention. I didn’t come out to wake you until this time." Super Dream said that although Aaron wanted to spit out that Super Dream turned out to be arrogant, it really didn’t seem like the time to do such a thing.
However, it seems that it is too late to wake up. Aaron got up immediately after listening to the dream talk, but the magnetic monsters on the other side have reached the range that can be determined by the naked eye, and soon they are surrounded by the entrance of Poké mon Center.
"What are those three-in-one magnetic monsters in Magnemite?" Xiao Zhi also felt very strange.
"As far as I’m concerned, it’s an unlucky person. Xiao Zhi first took Shaymin out of the back door of Poké mon Center," Aaron immediately said.
"aye? Is the goal us? " Xiao Zhi just finished this sentence, and the three-in-one magnetic monster sent 100,000 volts to this side. Aaron immediately pressed the flaming chicken here, and the flaming chicken in Poké Ball came out. When he opened the flash fist, he received 100,000 volts.
"There’s no doubt about it. Let’s go, and my horse will follow." Aaron said that Xiao Zhi looked at Aaron and nodded, then picked up Shaymin and began to move. Xiaoguang Xiaogang also followed, but from Aaron’s side, it was obvious that some magnetic monsters saw that Xiao Zhi had left, and they all flew away. It seems that the goal was Shaymin.
"It’s no good looking at the love war!" Aaron made the flaming chicken immediately spit out flames at the group of magnetic monsters at the door. Although the group of magnetic monsters all wanted to avoid it, there were always a few who didn’t hide and were hit. While Aaron was here, he immediately moved to the back door.
"Do you mind being my tracker?" Aaron said, showing his dream.
"You are really rude to me now."
"Me and my own Poké mon are welcome."
"Ok, it’s rare for you to go straight across the bridge and turn left into an alley. Now those three people are running away, followed by more than ten magnetic monsters. Judging from the speed of those magnetic monsters, it’s very difficult for the three of them to get rid of it." Super Dream said.
"Then by the way, how does my speed compare with those magnetic monsters?"
"After all, human beings are not much faster than those magnetic monsters. Even if you seem proud to show me your physical strength and speed now, it is human level after all." Super dreams are really not for Aaron himself.
"Aerodactyl, come out!" For the sake of efficiency, Aaron released Aerodactyl, and at this time, those magnetic monsters at the back door came after him.
"Flame chicken flame vortex! Aerodactyl Rock Sharps! "
The flaming chicken also expanded the flame range, and Aerodactyl also hit a large number of stone blades. Although this skill against Magnemite is not true in terms of attributes, the extremely high lethality can make up for this and the body has not knocked them down. It is intended to contain a little.
"We need to hurry now, or we really want to get rid of all these Poké mon here." Looking at the Poké mon Aaron, he said, but he still crossed Aerodactyl and took back the flaming chicken
"It’s a pity that I can’t play slowly when I’m in a hurry." Aaron complained to himself that Aerodactyl flew as soon as he got up and then flew quickly in the direction of Aaron’s finger. Sure enough, Aerodactyl’s speed was different, and the back door was full of monsters.
Go ahead and see the first Magnezone, but Xiao Zhi and his party are not nearby.
"Judging from their current direction and speed, they took the train just now," Super Dream said with a strange expression when he saw Aaron.
"Although these guys told them to go first, I didn’t expect to wait for me. It’s a pity." Aaron can sigh.
"You are such a bad guy. I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t be angry."
"Because there’s nothing I can do," Aaron said.
"But it seems that they really left a big burden for you. Now these magnetic monsters are pointing the finger at you." Super Dream said that Aaron also looked around, and that Magnezone had found himself with a group of magnetic monsters rising to the same height as Aaron and Aerodactyl, and the back door was thrown off by Aaron. The magnetic monsters have also been chased at this time.
"It seems that it’s really a little troublesome, but it’s just trouble. Solve it quickly and then go after Xiao Zhi and them." Aaron said, gesturing for Aerodactyl to break through and surround Aerodactyl first, and it didn’t disappoint Aaron. The acceleration quickly escaped the 100,000-volt attack on the opposite side and then landed one by one in the surrounding buildings.
"Learn from Xiaoyi once in a while. Now it dominates four regional league matches and the dragon battle performance of the genius Poké mon trainer in Zhenxin Town, the development area, is about to begin!" As soon as Aaron picked up his waist, two Poké Ball enlarged in his hand. It was because he had stayed with Xiaoyi for a long time that he himself was contaminated with a lot of domineering.
Meanwhile, the basement of a department store near Shenhe Town …
"What should I do? Do you need to change your plan? The intelligence seems to be true "to should have set off five people to get together again, the little moxa asked the nether world at this time is still a pair of he who sees through everything without showing panic.
"Unlike the people in the alliance, when we occupied the dominant position, we randomly adjusted it and didn’t, and this Dialga witness report was really surprising. So let’s just make sure that Dialga is not in himself now, but in our place. It seems that maybe even the summoning ceremony can be saved." The deep and remote world said that the four people naturally lost their meaning after hearing this from the deep and remote world.
"Set out to capture Dialga now?" The dream asked the deep and remote world but shook his head?
"No, we have too little information about this matter now. At the end of the day, whether Dialga has returned to its own dimension, we all don’t know that we can’t put manpower and material resources in this kind of extremely low success rate and don’t know if there is anything in return. But one thing makes me curious is what kind of guy let Dialga come here. If it is Palkia, it should have fought a big battle to cause time variation like the last time. We can rule out the fact that the Galaxy team has been destroyed by us. Even the remnants and even their boss can’t handle things without the boss. It’s even more impossible for them to see what new and rare Poké mon is starting to act. Compared with catching Luca, it’s really interesting for me to find out the source of this incident. Although it’s unrealistic to send a lot of manpower, it’s still necessary for a small group of people to collect information in the past. I just asked an elite player I trusted to bring four powerful black ones to adjust. Check the situation, and what we have to do is to wait patiently before they send a reply. Since Dialga is here, we are not worried that the dimensional fluctuation will become flat. Let’s say that the fluctuation has become more intense than before. "The four people in the deep and remote world are listening carefully and are very surprised that the deep and remote world has already sent people out. I admire the speed of determination in the deep and remote world.
"But in this case, it’s better to ask me to go. How about my strength is better than your choice of elite players? The league will certainly not send people to investigate. If there are five people who want to fight, I feel a little reluctant." The dream seems to have an objection to the arrangement of the people in the underworld
"Well, I naturally won’t be completely at ease with other people’s words, but that person’s ability to escape and anti-detection is first-class and he is extremely proficient in easy operation. Even if he encounters any special circumstances, he will be able to retreat with his person." The deep and remote world said, but it is still a little confused to see four people.
"That’s what I rescued from the police station when I was in Fengyuan. The guy who was originally a member of the Fire Rock Team, an evil organization in Fengyuan area, was called the thief Brodie. You can rest assured when you talk like this." You continue to say that four people seem to know this person, but they all show a distressed expression.
"That person’s ability is really good, but the degree of loyalty remains to be doubted." Jiro directly said that the deep and remote world was very calm and nodded.
"Of course, the letter I referred to before means that I believe that he is capable of loyalty. Actually, I’m not worried here. I have told him that I will come back to save you if I am caught, but if I betray the information of the Rockets, I will kill you if I run away without the other four people. If I run away like this, I will chase you and kill you." The four people in the underworld said that they were very serious.
Ten Gracetia flowers? Enemies in the dark?
"Although a lot of things have been cleaned up, it is obvious that many of them have run away. Because Magnezone is still here, I haven’t counted the rest of Magnemite’s three-in-one magnetic monster. Unconsciously, it’s playing too fast." Aaron looked at many people who have lost their fighting ability. Magnemite’s three-in-one magnetic monster and the Magnezone said.
"I made a mistake this time, too. I didn’t always pay attention. Because you started fighting, I knew there was no problem, so I went to rest. I didn’t expect to be run away." The dream came out.
"It took nearly half an hour. It’s a little troublesome to deal with this amount, but it’s unrealistic to chase the train again. Let’s go and see where the train is going first," Aaron said and began to walk to the train
"But these magnetic strange manipulators are watching nearby." Super Dream said Aaron nodded his head.
"Although it is not ruled out that the magnetic monsters are carrying something similar to a camera, it will naturally release magnetic wave precision equipment because of their anger, so they will still be disturbed. Of course, if they are enemies with certain scientific and technological strength, this degree will certainly be difficult for them. Anyway, the magnetic monsters may not have the ability to split up and let the iconic boss contain the enemy here. It is also a mystery to deploy smart magnetic monsters. They are like radios. Receiving magnetic waves and converting them into language ability means that the operator can release the corresponding magnetic waves to make it seem that the enemy has made this method this time, which is certain that the enemy has certain scientific and technological strength this time, "Aaron said."
"But after all, an enemy, what are they going to attack us? It seems that the target is not you and your Poké mon." Super Dream said that the obvious goal is that Aaron Huagen will not attack Xiao Zhi.
"If there is anything different between Xiao Zhi and a group of them, it is to bring more Shaymin." Aaron said that Aaron and Super Dream had actually guessed the corresponding situation at this time.
"Shaymin said that it has the power to open the door to the so-called reversal of the world. If it is Shaymin, it is likely to be this power and the goal is to reverse the world …" "The real goal is to ride Latina" Super Dream said that Aaron was also connected at the back. Sure enough, Aaron’s hunch worked. This is a tricky thing.
I went to the train to investigate the destination of a train. It seems that the distance from here to a distance is still a little unknown. I have never been able to get through to Aaron.