"I worked my ass off in the factory class in our town to get more than one thousand pieces a month. How many pieces do you need to buy a dress? Do you know what my parents’ day is? No wonder you disappeared as soon as you came out. It turns out that you forgot my parents when you got rich outside. "

Liu Xiaolei turned his head. He’s a robot. Where are his parents? It’s a real injustice to be blamed like this.
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Zhuo Qiang didn’t care about the bickering between the two brothers and sisters. He saw that Jing Tian had no floor words and dialed again, waiting a little anxiously for Jing Tian to answer.
When men and women are in love, they are very sensitive to the situation that the other party doesn’t answer the phone, and they can’t help thinking about the bad things.
For example, now ZhuoJiang guess Jing Tian won’t be what happened? What’s wrong with not answering your phone for so long?
Of course, due to Jing Tian’s special status, Zhuo Qiang will not think too bad, and there will always be no black spots for Jing Tian. In that case, he is simply looking for death
Jing Tian finally got through. Zhuo Qiang asked her what she had just done and why she didn’t answer the phone for so long.
"I had physical education class at noon just now, and I went to take a shower just now." It seems a little embarrassed to say something in Jing Tian’s words.
"Take a shower!" Zhuo Qiang couldn’t help but see a pair of children’s unsuitable heads in his mind and stretched his tone and said, "Oh, I see!"
"See you must think something you shouldn’t! It’s really necrotic! " Jing Tian seems to be some angrily Chen way
"I’ll wait for you at the school gate when you come out!"
Jing Tian a listen to zhuoqiang busy said at the school gate, "well, you wait a moment and I’ll go out as soon as I get out." Then he hung up.
In a short time, Jing Tian appeared at the school gate, and Zhuo Qiang accidentally saw Huang Xueyao appear beside her.
After the crisis at Huang Xueyao’s home, she went back to Zhuoqiang, Green Island, and I haven’t seen her for a long time.
Jing Tian just took a shower, and her long hair hasn’t finished drying. Her shoulders are red and her face is red. Zhuojiang is a little stupidly.
"Look at your pig brother!" Huang Xueyao couldn’t help coconut elm way
Zhuo Qiang directly ignored the future table aunt’s words and took out the bouquet of flowers from the car and handed it to Jing Tian.
Girls lack resistance to flowers, especially the flowers sent by their loved ones. Jing Tian is no exception, and holding a painted face in her hand can’t hide the sweetness.
Next to Huang Xueyao, I don’t like it. "Two beautiful women have a bunch of flowers. You are too partial!"
"Who knows when you will come? I also gave you a permanent drop-out! " Zhuojiang not to be outdone tunnel
"Good good you two don’t make so much noise! Are you tired of bickering as soon as you meet? " Jing Tian, the peacemaker, hurriedly poured water on two people to cool down.
At that time, Liu Yaqi stayed in the car and hit the door. "Brother Zhuo, how are you? I have to buy clothes! "
Jing Tian saw the sudden appearance of a "third party" smiling horse. Not long ago, he was playing kissy-poo with that working girl Zheng Xiulian, and then a beautiful girl emerged. This Zhuojiang is really a lot of happiness!
"hey! Who is this? The little girl is quite handsome! " Huang Xueyao lost no time in strengthening a tense atmosphere for fear of chaos.
Zhuo Qiang saw Jing Tian’s face changed and hurriedly explained, "This is Liu Xiaolei’s sister who just came from her hometown to find her brother."
Jing Tian’s face was a little relaxed, but he still looked at Liu Yaqi warily.
"Zhuo elder brother is very close to honey! Brother Zhuo, don’t you hurry to accompany her to buy clothes? " Huang Xueyao winked at Zhuo Qiang and made a look that I know, which made Zhuo Qiang almost faint.
If I had known, he wouldn’t have helped her family settle the matter. In that case, she might still stay in front of her father and pull a long face.
"Liu Xiaolei, come here!" ZhuoJiang roar a past male and female students eyes are attracted to come over.
"Look at that little thief’s eyes!" A boy has a face of envy and jealousy.
"Yes, who told people to have a BMW? This is not a rich second generation or an official second generation or a red third generation! " The other cried indignantly
"It’s my turn to ride a BMW during the day and ride a school flower at night!" A short companion with a face of acne said sourly.
"Yes, isn’t that Xue Yao? It’s impossible for us to live with such a small appearance! "
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On the other side, a few girls say it another way.