"Pull the trailer in the kitchen and send him to Shrek College." The hotel manager said to a member that although he decided to follow Zhao now, he still couldn’t offend Dai Mubai, and even if he was going to have an accident, he couldn’t have an accident here.

"What? You have a tow truck to send me? " Dai Mubai couldn’t help hearing the hotel manager again.
If anyone he hates most now, it must be this dogleg hotel manager.
"Otherwise? Do you want me to carry a big sedan chair to send you back? Where does our hotel come from? Our delivery trailer is still very nervous, and it is not a total of two gold soul coins to send you back, "said the hotel manager grumpily."
"And today, the compensation here will prevent you from defaulting and leave you that bill. After the hotel takes it back, the room is Zhao Daren."
"You bastard, have you forgotten how you slapped me before?" Dai Mubai’s eyes suddenly turned red and roared toward the hotel manager. Because of the injury, Dai Mubai roared and spit out one mouthful blood.
"Ba you? Isn’t that because you are stupid and rich? Our Rose Hotel luxury bag needs two gold soul coins a day to see how much money you are stupid. I bid for 1,500 gold soul coins. I have been thinking about waiting for you to bargain for a year. I am slowly grinding with you. I didn’t expect you to agree at one breath. I earned 1,000 gold soul coins here, which is higher than the hotel’s two-year profit. It is this that I got the boss’s favor. Do you say that I can’t slap you? "
"But since I tricked you into renting our hotel room, I can’t fool you into opening another room again. I have long been dissatisfied with you."
"Otherwise, you can let me help you with your Shrek College in Gaga?" The hotel manager continued to disdain and said
"Ha ha, so that’s it, so that’s it …" Dai Mubai drank two glasses to reveal a few bloodshot teeth. At this moment, he realized how cruel the world was.
a storied building
Zhao leaned against the stairs and witnessed all this.
This world is like this. Others just want to get something in return from you. If they can’t get enough in return, their true face will be revealed.
Watching Dai Mubai being dragged away by a trailer, Zhao Cai went downstairs.
He was kicked out.
At this time, he couldn’t help crying. Four people were in the same room, which made them embarrassed. At that time, they had to take a shower and directly kicked Zhao out.
It’s impossible for him to have a bed, so he can come to the hotel clerk and get ready to make a floor.
"Adult, why are you here?" See Zhao Loulou, the hotel manager walked over to meet him.
"I came out for a walk to get some air. Those mouthfuls at home are too abrasive." Zhao smiled and gave the hotel manager a look that all men know.
He has decided that it is more appropriate to go out and buy quilts. After all, he has just installed a force to absolutely maintain his image.
"Adults are so powerful that they are much stronger than us. Unlike my family, one person can make me half dead."
"You can’t do this. Drink more Lycium barbarum." Zhao patted the hotel manager on the shoulder.
"Your honor is right, your honor. Here is my business card. If you have anything, you can call me directly." And the hotel manager took out a business card from his pocket.
"Li Hua?" Zhao read the name of the business card.
"All right, I remember." Zhao put away his business card and turned towards the door.
It’s getting dark now.
However, Soto city is still lively, perhaps because of the lights. It looks and feels a little more lively than during the day.
Zhao bought bedding and went shopping around Soto City.
"Hey, this looks good. Is it Ning Rongrong?" Zhao yileng
The eyes are on a pretty girl who is buying something in a shop. The girl is dressed in a long white dress and doesn’t talk to other girls. The girl is neatly trimmed, her short hair is not high, but her skin is delicate. At first glance, she is a good family.
It should be a beautiful woman, but Zhao can’t see her face because she faces the counter.
"Why is this necklace so expensive? Why don’t you give it to me cheaper?" The girl came softly when she was bargaining with the counter clerk.
"This is no good. The counter price is not allowed to bargain." It is difficult for the clerk to say that although he appreciates this new girl very much, the rules can’t be chaotic
Hearing what the clerk said, his face was bitter.
She sneaked away from home, although she also brought a lot of money, but she spent more than half of it all the way. Only recently did she realize that if she used the previous flower method, she would definitely spend it quickly. Only then did she learn to bargain with the previous customers, but it seemed that it was a bad start.
"How much is this necklace?" Went to the girl and took a look. He was sure that this was Ning Rongrong in front of him. He could feel the fluctuation of Ning Rongrong’s body and mind, and the fluctuation was very soft. It was an aid at first glance.
"Hey, this is what I saw first." When I heard Zhao, Ning Rongrong quickly grabbed the necklace in the hand and looked at Zhao with a bad look.
Looking at Ning Rongrong that fried hair sample Zhao eyes turned to say with smile "this beautiful young lady is not want to buy this necklace? Why don’t you let me settle your account? "
Chapter 6 Licking the dog will die a natural death
"Hello!" Ning Rongrong’s eyes lit up at once when he heard Zhao’s words.
In her opinion, her beauty must have attracted his attention, and she suddenly felt happy.
Look at Zhao’s eyes and become pleasant. After all, this is also his pursuer.
Before in Qibao Liulizong, few people dared to be so timid to be nice to her. Her old man was not a vegetarian.
Today is the first time someone has treated her this way …
Oh, what a shame!
But she’s not just anyone. When she takes the ring, she finds a reason to dump him!
In my heart, Ning Rongrong said softly, "By the way, my name is Ning Rongrong. Just call me Rong Rong."
"Oh, it’s Miss Rongrong." Zhao Yixiao
How could he not know about Ning Rongrong’s idea? He is naturally won’t let her satisfied!
"How many gold soul coins are there in this broken necklace?" Zhao took the necklace in the member’s hand and asked the member, don’t say that Ning Rongrong’s vision in Qibao Liulizong is not a cover. Although Zhao doesn’t understand this, he also feels pretty.
This necklace will look good hanging on the small dance neck! Small and smart!
"Uh, ahem, this isn’t a broken necklace, sir. It’s made of amethyst beast body crystal in the sea spirit beast, and its style is the latest ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"All right, all right, just say the price is money," Zhao said impatiently.