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Kelly see Wang Shu said "more what more? At noon, the people in Duzhuang are given a meal by Zhuang, so how can they be strong when they are full? "

Wang Shu was a little anxious and said in a hurry, "Young Master has a lot of money, but there are too many words to take care of."
Kelly pointed to the busy farmers in the field and said, "This is just a meal for the people in our own village. How much more can we get? Just say that I arranged anything, but let me make it clear first that we can’t just get something and send it away, okay?"
Wang Shu said with some difficulty when he heard this, "Why don’t you kill a pig in the village? It hasn’t grown up yet."
Kelly said impatiently, "I didn’t grow up and didn’t know what pigs to buy outside the village! Do we have pigs in our village? "
Kelly said that he didn’t react until he came to Datang for so long. He still didn’t feed pigs in his own village. He didn’t have the nerve to ask for a long time and forgot about it. It’s a little strange that Wang Shu mentioned him today. Why didn’t the pigs eat any pork or even smell it? Now Kelly is very surprised and asks Wang Shu.
Wang Shu was puzzled by Kelly’s expression, but he didn’t dare to ask. He replied honestly, "Yes, it’s all the farmers who raised them and sold them for the New Year."
Kelly was so happy that he rubbed his hands and hurriedly said, "Go and buy some. We won’t leave at noon. Let’s eat here and I’ll cook some dishes."
Just now, Kelly asked Wang Shuyin that three girls were attracted by their conversation. This time, Kelly said that they wanted to eat pork. Nanping and Lanling had never seen pigs. It was okay, but Dongyue couldn’t stand a face of disgust and said, "How do pigs eat so dirty things?"
Kelly looked longingly and said, "You don’t know that this pork is much more delicious than beef and mutton. Watch me cook some dishes for a while without swallowing all your tongues."
As soon as Kelly said this, several people thought that Kelly was delicious, and no one thought about how dirty the pig was.
Kelly was there thinking about eating pork and cooking. Thinking about thinking about it revealed a pig brother’s appearance. Wang Shu shook his head at a side and simply didn’t look at it. Going to arrange lunch meals for this large group of people was enough for him to worry about. If he was delayed like this again, he wouldn’t know when he would be able to eat.
When Wang Shu left, Kelly couldn’t put his mind in the cotton field. He was always thinking about Wang Shu buying back pork to make a Sichuan style pork.
Just thought of here in Kelly, I remembered that there is no watercress, which requires beans to be cooked. Now it seems that there are no beans, even if they have their own peppers and have no harvest, they can’t come now. Forget it. Let’s cook braised pork. Just have something to eat! It seems that this watercress will have to go to that businessman in the western regions and ask for some seeds before it can be eaten for years.
Kelly thought unknowingly let out a sigh, and all three girls saw his one eye. Kelly was busy saying that Wang Shu hasn’t come back yet. It’s noon to cover up the past.
Chapter DiYiSiLiu rescue operation (1)
Looking at the mountain of cotton, Kelly didn’t believe himself. Just now, Wang Shu told himself that there were more than 3,000 kilograms, but when he saw the real thing, he felt a little less. This cotton is fluffy, although it is not heavy, but it can’t be underestimated, just like a hill.
Kelly stretched out his hand and grabbed a handful, and he felt that it was full of cottonseed. When he shook it, he didn’t drop one. He came to Kelly and knew that it needed special tools! Then do it.
He told Uncle Wang to have cotton put into the warehouse, and went to the carpenter’s place to find the poplar carpenter directly. He took him aside and drew a rough picture of the cotton gin, and talked with lively gesticulations for a long time.
It’s not too white for Kelly to know the working principle and general appearance of cotton gin. Kelly finally let carpenter Yang know what to do.
Kelly grabbed a glass of wine next to him and drank it. After drinking it, he wiped his sleeve and spilled water on his mouth and said to carpenter Yang, "This matter must be grasped. Now that cotton has entered the warehouse, just wait for this thing to be done. Lao Yang will leave it to you. You have to be careful."
Carpenter Yang patted his chest and said, "Don’t worry, master Yang, I have seen that even if I don’t eat or drink, I will make it for the master."
Kelly patted carpenter Yang on the shoulder to thank him and came out. He is going to see the spinning wheel and loom now. If he can, he won’t worry any more. If he can’t, he has to change it quickly. Otherwise, it will be delayed if the cotton gin is finished.
Look at everything. Kelly didn’t find any big problems. The textile machines and looms are barely able to make a few small changes. One can make Kelly stop demanding anything. After all, there are many things in this era that can’t be transferred by his will. Kelly has also put a lot of unrealistic ideas now. It is time to make improvements and pile up when necessary.
Kelly went to the special investigation team when he left Zhuang. He remembered that the training of the special investigation team should be over these days. The next step is to let these people receive approximate actual combat training. Otherwise, it is really necessary to make them all theoretically superior in actual combat but don’t understand anything. It would be really useless for Comrade Li Er to spend a lot of money to form this team.
When I walked into Tang Jian’s tent, there was no one quietly. Kelly didn’t know if it was time for me to come. I couldn’t see anyone. Should they all have a holiday and rest? Because even if they have a holiday and rest, there should be someone on duty. The biggest possibility is that they will go somewhere. It is a big problem if they walk there by themselves at this time.
Kelly can’t think about it, and it doesn’t feel very good in the account. After all, he doesn’t belong here. If there is something later, he can’t tell clearly. It’s better to think about it and go outside the account. Kelly is leaning over and sitting on a stake outside the account. He is going to sit and wait and see when the people here will come back. If it’s too long, he will go home first and come back tomorrow. If it’s too short, someone will come and ask the situation. What’s the matter or arrange it.
Kelly didn’t wait for a long time before a group of people came up here talking and laughing. Kelly took a closer look at a group of people behind Tang Jian, including Li Zhe and Cheng Huailiang. They all looked at it in the past and now came back to the big account.
Kelly got up and planned to wait for them to go to the front of the crowd and say hello. Kelly’s move, Li Zhesan, saw the shouting and came running.
Kelly smiled and greeted the three men with a hand and asked, "I came recklessly and didn’t disturb Tang Shuai’s arrangement."
Li Zhe said with a smile, "B-brother’s coming is welcome. How can you call it disturbing? Tang Shuai said earlier today that B-brother should come and see it."
Kelly laughed and asked quietly, "Where did you go today? Why didn’t anyone stay in the main account? What if someone came?"
Li Zhe said otherwise, "Even after going to the training ground for a while, it didn’t take long to come. People can naturally ask if they have something. Besides, what can we do here now that we are still training?"
After a few people were busy, Tang Jian led a group of people to come over. Kelly saluted Tang Jian and followed him into the tent. He pulled up a chair and sat beside Tang Jian and said, "Tang Shuai is really busy. I don’t know to what extent he has been trained now. My nephew came to see if there is any place where he can help."
Tang Jian heard Kelly talking and laughing and said, "I thought you should come over these two days. This training schedule written by you has been completed almost, and you have to come and make up your mind if you want to do it."
Kelly bowed their heads and thought for a moment before saying, "Now there is nothing to do to complete the training plan. One more step is to practice the important training in actual combat situations. This is still waiting for Tang Shuai to pass the examination after they have completed all the subjects."
Tang Jian thought for a moment and said, "That won’t do. If we wait until everything is finished to discuss whether it will be delayed again, it’s better to come up with a rough plan now and sort it out into a detailed and feasible plan during the period before their assessment. Isn’t it time to connect them up?"
Kelly’s face is a little hot. His purpose in saying this is just to make himself relaxed. However, at this moment, everyone takes his work seriously, and he is extremely concerned about what he has not done well. This really makes it difficult for Kelly to say anything more. "If Tang Shuai thinks like this, is it true that now we will go to Uncle Excavate to get all three headquarters people together and talk about what they want, so that the horse can be implemented, which is also convenient and it is very troublesome to run at both ends after the plan is finalized?"
Tang Jian patted his thigh and said, "Yes, we’ll go there now. I can also have a rest with those old guys. Let them think that I’ll just do it. Let’s go there now!"
With that, Tang Jian got up, arranged a group of people and left with Kelly.
When I came to Excavate’s office, Tang Jian shouted at Excavate and said, "Go and call those old things. Today, I’m busy. I’m waiting for you to make up my mind."
Kelly Khan came here to say that he was waiting before it was finished. This is too, uh, something.
Excavate told people to invite those old killers to ask this Kelly, "What’s going on, little nephew? Tell the old man that he loves to talk all the time. I’ll listen to you or not."
Kelly is a little difficult at this moment. Tell the truth. It’s definitely not consistent with what Tang Jian said. If you don’t tell the truth, follow what Tang Jian said, and you’ll be afraid that after a while, Excavate will get angry and say that he didn’t try his best to do an errand at the last moment, and then he will delay the imperial affairs. After thinking about it, Kelly decided to tell the truth. After all, it’s not a big mistake to exaggerate the facts with yourself.
Kelly took a careful look at Tang Jian and said, "Uncle, the training of the special investigation team is about to be completed. Now there is no assessment. Uncle Tang means to make a one-step training plan now and start a new round of training after the assessment."
Excavate gave Tang Jian an oblique look and said, "Make a training plan. Just make it yourself. What are you doing here? And call all the old guys. What do you want to do? "
Kelly hurriedly explained, "Uncle, as soon as the training is completed, it should be close to actual combat training. My nephew wants to divide the special investigation team into several teams. Each team has more than a dozen people, and an officer leads the team to carry out training on biological and tactical subjects in the wild. This idea must be reported to you and supported by your three departments. The logistics and equipment will also be guaranteed by the logistics department and the equipment department. Uncle Tang will come with his nephew."
Li Jing nodded after listening to Kelly’s words and said, "When some old men come over, tell them again who is in charge, and you can ask him for something. There is no problem here. The emperor has high hopes for this team. You must turn this team into an unusual surprise soldier!"
As soon as Li Jing’s voice fell outside the door, there came Cheng Zhijie’s voice. "What did Li Laoping ask the old man to do? Unless you brought wine, do you want the old man to help you drink it?"
Excavate laughed and scolded, "You old man know that drinking is not afraid to make you drunk for a while. After listening to it, you are afraid that you will be busy and have no time to drink. Your belly full of wine bugs will be greedy and you will not be able to drink when you see wine."
When Cheng Zhijie heard this, he stepped in with his eyes wide open and asked eagerly, "What’s so urgent? I’m so busy that I don’t have anyone to fight with when I drink. Let me go. I’m choking the old lady these days!"