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Organization member a!

This is when the action team came back from going out and saw a group of people gathered together. Vodka asked, What are you doing?
Members of the organization were scared by Gin’s eyes and reported to Lord Gin that we were talking about the Scottish adults chatting with Lord Belmore late at night and were caught by Lord Bo. Now Lord Bo is divorcing and going back to her parents’ house with her child Betty Ross …
Vodka, open your mouth
Chianti, huh?
Cohen … (Terrible)
Gin … (What’s Bo doing with Scotland? Can men have children? And when are they getting married? )
Chapter 46 Chapter 46
▍ avoid future trouble
When meeting Gin and others, he always felt that Cohen was hiding in sunglasses and glancing at his belly. What’s so good about a man’s belly? I don’t understand it very well. Is it difficult to envy him for having abdominal muscles?
And Belmore said, "Cohen, just look around and be careful of being assassinated."
Quitian sneered, "I think it’s you. Belmore was solved together this time."
What’s wrong with the valley "…"
After getting out of the car, Descending Valley noticed Richard Moore and his party. He knocked at the door, and a man with a gray-blue hoodie came out and opened the door.
Behind the door, Fu Jingguang asked, "Where is Belmore?"
"She said to go around a few times." Descending the valley and sitting on a bench said, "I hope all hidden dangers can be solved this time."
"I think so," said Zhu Jingguang. "I saw Belmore put something in a carriage before."
"Are you going to put the credit for killing Shirley on Belmore?"
"Well," said Zhu Jingguang, "I remember Belmodgar arrested Shirley for the second time. A failure has damaged her prestige. If she killed Shirley this time and made a report, even if she found that Shirley was still alive, her status would be silent, and the probability of assassination afterwards was low. After all, it would be bad to be seen at the end."
"Didn’t see it, Scotland?" Descending Valley knocked on the ear com and motioned for the Fu Jingguang. He joined Gin at this moment.
Zhu Fujingguang chuckled, "It’s just that my ears are melted and my eyes are dyed."
"Are you trying to please me?"
The bag instantly raised an ambiguous atmosphere.
At this moment, Gin said, "Now is the deadline. Be honest and I will kill you if I delay."
Descending the valley and raising his eyebrows, "Gin, don’t challenge brandy." Then he deliberately kissed his arm and made a sound.
Gin at the other end of the com decisively cut off the link.
Down the valley, clutching his belly, almost died of joy
Zhu Jingguang "Gin probably doesn’t want to see us."
Descending the valley "that’s not just to save talking and deal with him. I’ll meet my acquaintances. You stay here?"
"Otherwise? Mr. Yasushi "
Valley down smiled and turned to leave a door down the valley to see Miyano Shiho nervously pulling Mao Lilan clothes, heart way this is scared by Belmore?
No wonder Belmore has been circling this place. It seems that she knows Haibara Ai’s true identity. At a glance, she saw that Jiangchuan Conan was also in contact with someone on her mobile phone.
Sure enough, this teenager also knows Haibara Ai’s real identity, which also caught him off guard. Now he may be a little better at saving Zhibao.
After watching a circle of terrain, I went down to my car.
"How about it?"
"I can use the strength of some people a little."
"That kid?"
Jianggu nodded and said, "Let’s just see what an interesting game this kid has made. Speaking of which, I also remember who the familiar girl was."
Zhu Fujingguang "Who?"
"We took Akai Shuuichi’s sister to the amusement park at that time."
"It turned out to be her," Zhu Fujingguang continued. "Then she should be looking for Akai Shuuichi just now."
"Well," Chuga chuckled, "Although Belmore said that Akai Shuuichi was dead, after seeing Kiel and Kudou Shinichi, I suddenly affirmed that that guy must be living somewhere, even around us."
Zhu Jingguang smiled. "It seems to be an interesting hunting."
"Yes," said Noguchi with a finger. "Let’s see what a big show this Mr. Holmes will give us."
After receiving the signal from Belmore, he went down to the valley and said, "Then I will go first. You should pay attention to concealment."
"Know" wait until the valley left after the FuJingGuang wiped his loaded-pistol and left the room.
Descending the valley followed the dramatic flow and found Miyano Shiho in the corner. Has the antidote been developed? No, he didn’t. He found the fleeting confusion in front of his eyes.
After several conversations, it was confirmed that this man is not inferior to Belmore as a master of cross dressing. I really don’t know where Mr. Holmes was invited to play as a special assistant. Is Belmore still in the dark at this time?
As he expected, he coincides with that Mr. Holmes, and the fact that Shirley died is certain, and people will no longer suspect that Shirley is still alive.
I finished my heart, went down to the valley and drove home with joy.
"Who is that special guest? Does zer have a clue? "
Descending valley knocked on the steering wheel and said, "I think it’s probably Kaito Kuroba."
Zhu Jingguang "is also not surprised that it is said that Suzuki consultant challenged him to be on the train, but how did the little detective invite him?"
Descending valley "Kidd killer seems to be an enemy and a friend"
"That’s right," said Zhu Jingguang with a smile. "What do you want to eat tonight?"
"zer, you’re a real celery fanatic."
Later, Jack sent them a message saying that it was a routine and they could have three days off.
Descending valley glanced at several other identities and there was nothing special, so I planned to stay at home with Zhu Fujing and not go anywhere.
Relax and fall into the valley and have a long-lost dream.
This time it was not night, but a sunny afternoon.
"It seems that I can’t know anything this time," said Descending Valley, sitting next to Descending Valley.
[Descending Valley] smiled gently. "It’s not that I won’t let you see it."
"Ah, I know." Looking up at the blue sky and white clouds with my hands behind me and the warm spring breeze blowing across my face makes people not only relax, but also wonder what I am afraid of that memory.