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"Huh?" NingYiChen eyebrow "Hugh? Did Wang write it? "

"I’m afraid the report is upset and tired. I’ve prepared it for the report. You just need to write your name and seal it."
Liu Yingying took out a written Hugh from the bedside drawer and ordered Four Treasures of the Study to be sent to Ningyichen.
Shu Lele looked at Ning Yichen with a dead silence in his eyes. "Ning Yichen, whether it is for this reason, if you dare to write Hugh today, we will be completely finished!"
Can NingYiChen really daredevil pen dipped in ink to move to the signature.
Liu Yingying took a big breath and looked defiantly at Shu Lele’s lip corner and smiled proudly.
While Shu Lele’s eyes have been staring at Ningyichen’s palm sinking continuously, which has reached the point of retreating.
A drop of ink rendered a sad flower on the paper. Ning Yichen’s moving hand finally stopped. wait for a while looked at the paper and the word’ Hugh’ was striking, as if there was a crisp sound in his ear. "Little Dust, I want to divorce!"
The pen suddenly rested on Ning Yichen with a slight headache. He looked at Shu Lele coldly. "Go home. Don’t come here. I don’t want to see you again!"
"Little dust?" Shu Lele breathed a sigh of relief and his body was like collapse.
He finally put the pen away. So he’s acting again?
He still didn’t dare to forget their promise that they would be together forever and never part!
When Shu Lele got this promise, she decided to regain her confidence and trust him again. She gave him a deep look and said, "I dare to be a monarch!"
Then resolutely turned around and left Xiaheyuan with Ziziphus jujuba and Mulan.
After a long walk, she suddenly looked back at the place where Ning Yichen was, clenched her fist and said, "We will never come to this place again!"
Since you believe him, you have to believe everything about him. Liu Yingying will never be their obstacle!
And Liu Yingying in the Summer Lotus Garden is extremely frustrated, but dare not show anything in front of Ning Yichen. "Your Majesty, the prescription of this medicine is different today. See if it will get better if you eat it."
"Don’t eat!" Ning Yichen pushed the medicine bowl away angrily. "If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. How can a seven-foot-tall man rely on drugs to maintain it?"
"Your Majesty!" Liu Yingying is in a hurry. If he can’t cure this disease, how can he have children again?
He always pushed her away when he pressed the key, and there was no substantive progress between them. At first, she was still reluctant to Ning Yichen, but later she found out that he was dying.
In recent days, she has focused on treating Ningyichen.
Girls are a little abusive, but don’t worry, Juan is her own mother. It will soon pass. What will happen after the abuse? Juan is also looking forward to the amount.
VIP11, she can’t wait! She gave up!
Shu Lele returned home uncharacteristically, instead of feeling sorry for herself, he calmly took care of things in Wangfu.
Maimang soon got the news, but the situation was not optimistic.
Shu Lele is drinking tea. Hearing the news, one mouthful tea immediately gushed out. "What? You said that Wang Ye and Liu Yingying embraced each other as soon as they met? "
"But the witness said so, and the two soon returned to Wangfu and announced the decision to seal Liu Yingying’s side princess."
"….." So Ning Yichen is not acting this time?
He first went to the DPRK, then made an appointment with Liu Yingying, and then they went back to the office-all this seemed to have been planned for a long time!
Shu Lele couldn’t help thinking about the days when he disappeared. Did they always be together?
Suddenly there was a feeling of being cheated, and Shu Lele looked up at the sky and wept bitterly.
OK! Ning Yichen, you really betrayed our feelings. We swore an oath!
Shu Lele howled painfully and cried bitterly. "Did you all hear that, Sir? He really wants Liu Yingying to leave me!"
He doesn’t want me! Don’t want me …
Ziziphus jujuba sorrow also follow cried "miss you calm must be calm! Liu Xiaosan has always wanted to replace her. You can’t fall for her! "
"Ha ha ….. I can be as calm? They love me in Xiaheyuan, but they can’t even see him. How can I be calm? " Shu Lele staggered back step by step, but his heart kept twitching and he was so painful that he could breathe.
It’s over! It was all over, but when she loved him deeply, he resolutely pulled away and threw himself into the arms of others.
Then what is she still doing with this incomplete love?
She waits for a lie every day to numb herself. What’s that?