If you don’t say anything, everyone will mobilize soldiers to prepare for the attack on the north gate.

Clear the shallow water and leave the double "double". You don’t have to go this time because you are injured.
Double nasty "why not let me go? I can still fight! The tiger whip is very light. These are superficial injuries. Do you not believe me? !”
"It’s not that I have other important things for you to do."
Put a letter in your hands. Shallow water said solemnly, "You should go to Lone Star City at once and inform the military that the south gate has fallen into my hands, so that they can send someone to take over immediately. But the most important thing is that you must tell them that we must launch a surprise attack on the north gate before the other two cities get the news, or we will miss the fighter plane."
"What if they don’t believe me?"
"That’s why I want you to go. You’re injured. If you tell them what happened, they’ll be white. Just in case, I want you to give this letter to someone before you go to the military."
"What person?"
"We often go drinking, and the good-looking proprietress in that pub gives her this letter and says it’s urgent."
"Oh" double some wonder.
Shallow water clear face a heavy "this matter is important, you must do it afterwards and don’t tell people why?" !”
"Yes!" Double respectfully gave a military-like salute and turned to run outside.
Looking at his back, he sighed and said to himself, "You are not suitable for this killing world after all. Do you know that I asked you to go because there is one thing that we have to do and have to do before we leave here? If you see it, you will definitely not agree."
Chapter X Disputes
The morning light has not yet dispersed, and a fast horse has flown to the general’s office in Lone Star City.
"I have an emergency army to see General Hong! Let it go quickly! " The angry horse boy drank the sea.
"What army are you in?" Loyal soldiers remained unmoved and heckled.
"Tiger and Leopard Battalion Thousands of Riders in the Health School’s Shallow Water Clearing Soldiers Double" The teenager shouted that the stripes on his bare chest were criss-crossed and ferocious.
Stop soldiers what long face changed "tiger leopard camp rebellious still dare to come back to see the general? Give it to me! "
Double hey hey sneer at "we are rebellious? There is no hero in the day. "
Nashi was stunned and shouted with full strength, "The south gate has fallen into the shallow water of our Tianfeng army hand Tiger and Leopard Camp. Please ask the general to send troops to take over this!"
If Hong Zhong waves all over Fiona Fang for miles, all the soldiers will be stunned for a moment.
The sound of the city still resounded through a loud cry, shocking the city
"Tiger and Leopard Battalion has taken the south gate and begged the general to be stationed heavily. Otherwise, the emergency army needs to be presented to the general."
Oh, my God. Is this a joke? All the soldiers looked at each other dumbfounded.
In the sky, a vast figure seems to be a rainbow. The earthly figure made a strange hovering in the general’s office and fell to the ground. For a moment, the pair has been caught by Hongbei Ghost’s big hand. "What did you say? !”
He came too fast, rushed too hard, and his hands were too heavy. He grasped them in the palm of his hand as easily as catching a chicken.
Red face and breathing difficulties barely spit out a few words: "The south gate has just entered my hand, and one of them has been lost. Please send troops to guard it."
Jumped out of Hongbei Ming’s mouth one by one with the words of steel. "Do you dare to fool me? !”
"Little people dare not" It is difficult to exhale. Hong Beiming hurriedly let go.
When he heard the double cry in the mansion, the shock in his heart rushed out directly. At this moment, when he heard the double repeat this, he suddenly felt that the world was strange and refused to believe that Shallow Water Qing had such ability to take the South Gate.
It is more credible to say that he is afraid of sin and defected to the enemy.
Bound by Hongbei Mingfang, Shuang shouted, "Last night, our soldiers entered the south gate through the Eagle Cliff and raided the enemy defenders to wipe out more than 2,000 people. The rest of them were captured and invited the general to go to Dianshou City!"
"Eagle cliff? How can you climb? "
"The shallow school was ready to climb the Eagle Cliff in five days. Today, there are still five giant soldiers who want to defend us. Climbing this cliff has lost 41 soldiers. If the general doesn’t believe it, he needs to send troops to the south gate."
Shock chill from hongbei ghost mouth inhaled into a hot air boiling burning the body.
He suddenly binge drink "somebody! Immediately notify Tiefengqi to let Zhanqian go out to the south gate and ask him to observe carefully all the way to prevent fraud. "
Glanced at a pair of Hong Beiming and waved his robe and sleeve "You come with me"
General mansion
The Dragon Tooth Army Shuai Hong Bei Ming sits high in the middle, and the left head is Nan Shang and Ji Xianzong. The four Zhang Qi Tie Feng Qi Zhang Qi Zhan Qian Kuang has set off for the south gate, while Lingfeng Qi Zhang Qi Shui Tang still leads his troops to come back from Hutouling today.
On the right side of Hongbei Ghost is Lian Shaoyi and his three hands holding flags.
All the generals who are holding flags in the front line of Panshan Mountain are almost in this general’s office at the moment. The only exception may be that they are in the middle of the juvenile double.
"Everyone has heard the double talk? Do you think the credibility of this matter is somewhat? Is the shallow water clearing plan feasible? "
Took a sip of tea HongBeiMing asked slowly.
After the initial shock, Hong Beiming thought about the gains and losses caused by all these actions.
There is no doubt that the shallow water will clear the south gate and get rid of the crime. This shows that Li Gui’s accusation is false. The problem is that he has made great contributions now, let alone killing him. He is afraid that he will have to be rewarded heavily after the merits and demerits are offset. It is not a big problem for Hong Beiming to comfort Li Gui afterwards. Now the bigger problem is that this guy even wants to take an appetite with the north gate, which is far beyond everyone’s imagination.
But there is no denying that his plan has great feasibility.
The triple sky is difficult to fight because its horns complement each other. If one side is in trouble, the other two sides will come to help immediately. For many years, Tianfeng army attacked the north gate, and the other two will never stand idly by, either sending troops to help or raiding the enemy’s rear.
This once made Tianfeng Army quite a headache.
The loss of the south gate is tantamount to completely breaking the water stop and leaving the channel. From then on, we will no longer worry about things like the second grain robbery. If the north gate can succeed again, Beijing Yuancheng will be completely isolated from the aid of the army, and we will no longer worry about other rescue or harassment.
What if it fails?
Hongbeiming looked at Li Gui. He knew that Li Gui would definitely oppose the plan.
Sure enough, Li Gui obviously realized what had happened. He stood up with his fist and said, "We still don’t know whether Hong Shuai’s shallow water capture is true or not. We must wait for Zhan Qian to return the information to determine whether it is too early to talk about attacking the North Gate."
Double sneer at "the ins and outs of this matter, I have already reported to Hongshuai. Does General Li say that you don’t believe it? Still don’t want it? "
Li Guihu’s eyes burst out with hate thunder, but the tone implied thunder and thunder, but he suppressed his anger. "Little recruits dare to talk wildly. If I were the leader, you would have to be executed on the spot because you didn’t listen to military orders and leaked military aircraft!"
"Thank you, General, for being punished for this, but for this mistake, the other two must know that the south gate is in danger together with the fire, so the shallow school has forgiven the general for saying that it is too late to mobilize until the general returns the information. If it is too late to let the north gate know the news of the fall of the south gate, it will be impossible to make a surprise attack. I hope that General Li will not waste public office for personal gain."
Li Gui heard great anger, but Hong Beiming was cold-grunted. He felt as if there was a thunder in his ear and he trembled violently. He knew that the general had been angry with himself.
However, he was stubborn by nature, and he was still supercilious and refused to bow his head.
Before he left, Shallow Water told him that all the generals in the military department had been in charge of the war in the army for many years, and none of them were vegetarian. They should not be too soft and despised by others, nor too hard, which would annoy everyone, and they should control their own discretion.
Shuang didn’t know how to master this measure, so he kept in mind his sentence of shallow puritanism that the language should be hard and kind, so he didn’t flinch when he spoke to Li Gui at this moment. He grasped this tone and was kind, so he completely threw it aside.
Hong Beiming looked at Nan Shang. "Do you think this matter should be handled like this?"
"I don’t think it’s a lie to take the south gate in shallow water." Nan Shang thought for a long time before he reluctantly said, "According to my understanding of this man and his performance in the original grain transportation war, this man has always been bold and daring. He took Yun Ni away from the grassland and killed Heng Changshun. It is not surprising that there is such a surprise attack on the south gate now. It is surprising that he succeeded and it is almost impossible for a thousand men to complete this."